Brotherhood of Warriors

About Us

Our Club


 Damaged Goods MC was started in 2015 to connect moto-obsessed vets, law enforcement, first responders and contractor security professionals from around the world who value community and brotherhood. It was important to us when forming Damaged Goods MC that veterans and public safety providers have an organized outlet for their motorcycling.   We offer a professional network of like-minded brothers . That's where we saw most of the value, connecting those who serve and value the deep connections associated with protecting our nation. When you join Damaged Goods MC, you will form friendships with people you would have never met otherwise, who understand where you’ve been, what you’ve seen and what you’ve gone through. 

Where We Ride


Holding weekly, monthly and annual events, we also plan multiple trips every year, so you are bound to be able to attend at least one. We travel all over the county and sometimes including our neighboring countries.

Join the Brotherhood


We are a brotherhood of warriors made up of both Law enforcement and Veterans together as one team one fight. You have to earn your right to be in this club but in the end its worth every moment to all those that want to join email or DM on Instagram and we will get you in touch with a local full patch member to work with. Also Expanding so if there is not a chapter in your area will give you info to start one.